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Kurve used to be a typical digital marketing agency with staff and an office. Over time, I came to realise that clients weren’t interested in paying for inflated overheads.

Businesses want control and transparency. They want partners at the heart of their business, not outsourced third party companies who remain disconnected. Clients want to bring it in-house with a strong hands-on partner, embarking on the collective journey to deliver results.

Kurve expands to include fully-managed contractors where necessary, covering activities such as outreach, link-building, copywriting, and design. I often provide strategic input to energise and elevate in-house resources to achieving better results, and work with clients who require specialist knowledge.

Acting Capacities

This is most applicable for medium and large businesses that are looking for additional support on digital channels, including strategic input on planning KPIs and overseeing in-house junior executives.

This role pertains to well-funded startups (£500k+) that are looking for a jack-of-all to help strategically and get hands-on with delivery. This capacity is results-driven, focusing on concept validation and go-to-market action plans.

This is usually on the basis of interim or outsourced digital support, on a broader level than the aforementioned roles.
As a CMO I cover the whole marketing mix, defining your most impactful channels, facilitating growth, and coordinating in-house executives or external agencies.
This is merely a hip term which encompasses various aspects of aforementioned roles.

This pertains specifically to search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) channels. This role relates to my specialist background and reflects my strongest skill set.


I maintain open and honest channels of communication and transparency. Combined with results-driven processes, you get all the information you need whenever you need it. Kurve is completely cloud-based, meaning all parties are agile, focused, and collaborative.

I retain independence. I do have preferred suppliers, but there’s no white-labelling or hidden fees. As such, there is no affinity to any third party agency or tool. Clients get a bespoke and personalised service with dedicated time and resources. The majority of my clients arrive via referrals and word-of-mouth, so my success depends on yours.

I’m highly specialised, and not full-service. I focus on key aspects of digital strategy to build successful campaigns. From your perspective, this results in a leaner and sharper service that delivers results in the most impactful areas. However I can offer guidance on other areas through partnerships with expert agencies that cover web development, UX, design, TV, experiential, apps, and more.


I am full certified in Google AdWords Search & Display, Google Analytics, HubSpot, and Link Research Tools. I have extensive experience across many industries, having achieved results with over 30 different businesses in various capacities. I specialise in organic search, paid search, conversion rate optimisation, mobile campaigns, and content marketing. See my endorsements on LinkedIn for more information.

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