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Customer retention is critical to a sustainable upwards curve. In order to achieve maximum retention rates, businesses must put the customer at the heart of everything they do. To build true brand advocacy, you need to hit key touch-points at the most poignant times. We will build your retention cycle to ensure that customers stick around for the long-haul.




We provide consultancy on getting your CRM right, to ensure that customers remain at the centre of your world. Effective CRM tools integrate with marketing automation, email, social, customer care, and content processes to deliver maximum value and build allegiance.




There’s no better way to maintain customer loyalty than to deliver compelling content to their inbox, whether in the form of B2C discounts or absorbing B2B articles. We help you build this process, measure performance, and optimise email campaigns for customer retention.


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Content Marketing

Brands must devise a content strategy that retains customer interest pre and post conversion. Effective content marketing educates, entertains, and persuades. We help businesses become publishers of exceptional content, which keeps the audience coming back for more.


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